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Meaning of Chasing Pavements Lyrics by Adele

Chasing Pavements by Adele is the second single by the renowned British singer Adele. On December 7, 2007 Adele performed this song along with Jonathan Ross on Friday Night.  After that, the song was released digitally in 2008 in Ireland. At first it was at number 26 in the singles chart of Ireland but after that it came in the number seven spot. According to the singles chart of United Kingdom, this song was at number two. Not only this, this song by Adele is the 27th best selling single in the entire UK of the year 2008.  

In addition to this, “Chasing Pavements" was shown in 3 episodes of Hollyoaks. The singer also gave a performance on this song on Saturday Night Live in association with the “Cold Shoulder" in the year 2008. Chasing Pavements was selected for a Grammy Award for Record of the Year as well as Grammy Award for Song of the Year.

The song “Chasing Pavements" was created from a confrontation of Adele and her former lover as is in many of her songs.  This famous soul singer was in a relationship with a guy for no more than six months. The boy cheated on her and when she had learned about it she went to meet the boy in a bar at 6 am. (Yes! you are hearing the right time) During this meeting she directly hit him on the face. Following this event she was thrown out of the bar. When she was walking on the street all alone the thought engulfed her mind what she was chasing. The answer was right there that she was chasing nothing but the empty pavement. As a consequence, it gave the birth of a masterpiece by Adele.

The main story of this song is a love story. She is very close to this guy and perhaps he is her best friend. Though she has fallen in love with him, the guy has not. It makes the girl very confused as she figures out what she should do. On one hand she wants to express her feelings for the guy but at the same time she is afraid if the guy doesn’t feel the same way. She knows very well that by remaining quiet nothing can be achieved since her feelings will never change.

How many girls face this kind of situation in their lives?


"Should I give up, Or should I just keep chasin' pavements?
Even if it leads nowhere Or would it be a waste"

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