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Meaning of Turning Tables Lyrics by Adele

The well-known English singer Adele performs the song ‘Turning Tables’. It is such an emotional song by her that every person in this world can relate to. Isn’t it true that you have loved someone, at least for once in your life? Then you know very well how it feels to love anyone and got hurt.

The song “Turning Tables" is from her second studio album 21 that was released in 2011. Adele in association with Ryan Tedder has written this song and Jim Abbiss was the producer of this song. In the Billboard Hot 100 charts, this song was at number 63 while it was number 60 on the Canadian Hot 100. According to the singles chart in United Kingdom, it was at number 62. This song was the fourth song of her album 21 and it was first released in Italy.

Lyrically, "Turning Tables" is a song that tells a story regarding breaking up of a relation as well as the tendency of one person to constantly turn the circumstances for his benefit.  This song is based on her appalling past with her lover as well as how she tries to get back her strength and she also reminds herself that she is strong enough to take care of herself and she does not depend on others. So what is the deeper meaning of this song?

Two people are extremely in love. But like any other couple, they had a disagreement but instead of patching things up, it got worse between them.  Moreover, they are quarreling for a long time, which makes her forget the actual reason of this conflict. All the things of the room are just scattered and though the boy has not kept his promise, but still he is arguing in order to win.

But now she is just tired of him since he always gives excuses for his actions. In addition to this, he tries to put the blame on her. The guy has also physically hit her. She is at the point where she can’t take it anymore. She wants her boyfriend to change; however, she knows that it is not possible. That is why she is leaving him and in any case the girl will not go back to him as well as not let him touch her anymore. The violent act of this guy makes her forget her love for him. Although, she still remembers him every day and night and he has a place in her heart, but it is not love anymore. In any case the boy cannot force her to return to him. And the girl also has decided that next time she’s in a relationship, she will face it in more courageous way and she will be strong enough to handle it on her own.


"So I won't Let you Close enough to hurt me, no I won't Rescue
You to just desert me I can't give you The heart you think you gave me
It's time to say goodbye"

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